Birth Professional Training From the Comfort of Your Home

Ready to support families on their journey through the childbearing years?  Now is the time!  I've totally transformed the way I'm offering the 9 years of energy I've put into developing Esali Birth thus far.  Training, simply.

Did you know?  You don't actually need to have a regulated certification to offer childbirth support services?  Sound crazy?

Did your mom need a certification to teach you how to cook?

Did you need certified to hug a friend in need?

Did you need a certification to use your innate logical abilities to find research that is available at our fingertips?

No... and that's exactly the same with childbirth educators, doulas, and helping families get started on the right foot with breastfeeding and parenting.

Then why should you spend upwards of $3000 just to get started in this industry before you ever start gaining experience?  You shouldn't.  You were designed to support your fellow humans.  You were designed for THIS!  This is knowledge our culture lost because of scandalous marketing practices from those desiring to change the birth scene in their favor.  This is not a marketing ploy to get my business into every hospital childbirth educator system like many certification agencies... its just me wanting to share information you deserve so that we can actually change birth options for families across the world.  Not to mention... the whole package of TTC support, childbirth educator, doula, and breastfeeding counselor like Esali Birth offers just can't be beat.

Why Esali Birth?

I've simply made it a WHOLE lot easier for you to get started through an in-the-box format of perinatal mentor training.

  • No long distance workshops.  All training is online at your own pace.
  • No need to create your own curriculum (though that option is available - and even for a discounted price!).
  • No mandated CEU's (though you'll naturally desire more education the further you go as a perinatal mentor).
  • No annual membership fees (because I do most of my own marketing, web design, and graphic design so I rarely need to pass those fees along to someone else's salary... this keeps my business small, but enables me to provide you with the information you need).
  • Get started supporting families throughout their entire childbearing years from pre-conception through pregnancy, during birth, and throughout breastfeeding and early parenting.
  • Totally independent.  No... really... your business - not mine.  Just like college, workshops, and other training abilities, they do not mandate how you have to practice for the rest of your life.  You're simply given a certificate of completion - and the whole entire course manual and get-starting-business-material should you desire that option as a bonus.

Want to learn more?

Visit the Perinatal Mentor Training page for a more in-depth look into Esali Birth mentor training or get in touch.




Tell me your story. I'd love to help you have a happy healthy birth!

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