The Jolly Mama

What makes a jolly mama?  Love, support, sleep, and knowledge.  I'll expand on that at some other time... but, right now, this is simply for all you stressed out mamas out there...

While vacationing with my husband (kidless at the time), we discovered one of our new favorite drinks.  Granted, we typically prefer beer & liquor... but this particular drink had just enough tang and the right amount of sugar to make it worth our while...

The Jolly Rancher... otherwise known to the Mamaology crowd (who is known to so carefully split being a mother and not thinking that motherhood stops all "fun" ) as the "Jolly Mama."  According to those girls, "Danielle, this drink is dangerous."  You've been warned.

Image courtesy of digitalart/

Image courtesy of digitalart/

1 Shot Watermelon Vodka
1 Part 7-Up
3 Parts Cranberry Juice

Mix over ice & serve!

Substitute Watermelon for any other JR flavor.  And, no, you can't substitute with other types of liquor or cranberry mixes... yes, substitutions will make another fruity alternative... but I promise you, it is just not the same.

Drink responsibly... especially while nursing!