Preparation for Miscarriage

Approximately 50% of all pregnancies end in in the first trimester, usually occurring before Mom knows she is pregnant.  Usually, miscarriage is due to genetic factors of the parents and it is not necessarily considered

Thriving on Real Food in Pregnancy

If you couldn’t buy any food or storage items – no flour, no jars, nothing – what would you eat?  You would rely heavily on wild foods.  The food that grows where God naturally nourishes

How Much Water Do I Need in Pregnancy?

A person can only live about 3 days without water.  Thirst, the first sign of dehydration, can occur in just a few hours of low water intake.  In less than 24 hours of less-than-ideal water

End of Pregnancy Birth Prep Formulas

Do I really need an end of pregnancy birth prep? NO. Really, it’s that simple. There is no special formula to safely make it easier… Your daily nutritional and lifestyle choices are ALL that your

Herbal Sitz Bath

Herbal sitz baths are so incredibly easy to make large batches for much less cost than commercial products. An herbal sitz bath can be used: to sooth aching muscles and stretching skin in pregnancy to

Assessing & Treating Oral Restrictions

Did you know, for babies, breastfeeding is a vital sign?  All babies should nurse within 1 hour of being born.  They should also be able to crawl up the mother’s abdomen when she is in