Should I even get a doula?

A lot of people have a very skewed perspective of what a professional doula is and how this differs from other birth support.  This is because doulas, like all birth professionals... and humans, are different. 

Postpartum Help Cards Printables

Taking a babymoon and wanting to limit visitors and overstimulation?  Ever just wanted your friends and family to know exactly how to help you postpartum?  Are you a first time mom and not quite sure

Healing Tears, Episiotomies, and Scars

Your perineum is amazing.  It is designed to stretch beautifully over a baby [being born instinctively].  It is also designed to heal very nicely should a tear happen, so long as stitching doesn't exacerbate the

Food Portion Wheel

The wheel can be used easily to lay out your meal and snack time portions making your pregnancy and life much easier. Enjoy!

Esali Birth Breast Pumping Tips

Pumping Breastmilk

Mothers going back to work or wanting a few hours away from their baby often have questions about pumping and feeding their baby while they're away. How do you get started?

An Instinctual Birth

My 2nd birth - the birth I've been dreaming of for so long. Bell's birth was incredible and life changing. This birth was as close to biological as I could have ever wished