yin yang uterus

Labor is amazing.  It is intrinsically female, and yet contains many male qualities.  It is fluid and unyielding all at once.  It is expansive and contracting.  It is intense and empowering.  How do you explain this delicate, and intricate, design?

EB yin yang uterus

Baby and mother are growing together.  They are touching on the inside and growing a connection no other will receive.  Momma already knows her baby's patterns long before she sees his face.  There is a definite connection created from the mother giving her health to her baby.  There is an intricate design as the baby receives this energy and gives back so the mother can cleanse her baby's body.  His movements tell momma to move.  His kicks give momma reassurance.  The baby emits hormones that change how the mother feels, and signifies subconsciously when he is ready to be born.  Forever giving and receiving of each other.

Birth is.  It is simple and yet undefinable.  Only females are given the gift of experiencing this amazing rite of passage from within, though our biggest influence is our male counterpart.  We have every ability to experience this journey on our own, but we are enhanced by dad's involvement in the process.  We feel comforted by his touch.  We feel protected by his strength.  We feel calmed by his presence.  We feel deeply connected by his willingness to be involved in the birth transformation.

Birth is listening to your baby.  It is the beginning of your parenting journey, where you will need to communicate in the most intimate way.  Your baby will work with you through your labor waves.  Every movement, your baby will move back.  Every moan, your baby will move down.  Every turn, your baby will turn.  By going within, and listening to the energy your baby is giving, you will know how to breathe, how to move, how to vocalize.

Birth is not just about bringing baby earth side.  It is not just about the direct bond and survival between the mother and baby.  Birth is also about solidifying the relationship between the mother and father.  There is a point in labor when mom will find her protector and enhance the intense bond she'll forever have with the person that made her feel loved, reassured, and most of all, protected.  This protector was designed to be dad.  Mom may have women supporting her and encouraging her in ways that a man doesn't understand - but that bond belongs to dad.

Birth is balance.  It is about bringing both female and male qualities into the space.  It is about mom going inward and being receptive of dad's expansive energy to protect and give strength.  Birth requires the most significant amount of surrender on the mother's part.  She will never be more vulnerable than during birth, and the energy she receives from the outside will determine her ability to also become more assured and empowered.  The strength her partner has will be received by her.  She will draw upon the energies that are the most giving in her space.  If she is given fear and doubt, she will receive fear and doubt and carry this throughout the birth, postpartum, and parenting.  If she is given love, support, and belief, she will believe in herself and provide love and support to her baby.  If the dominate person in the room provides mom with the support and love she deserves, the bond will forever be enhanced between her and that protector.  Everything that is said, done, and felt during the birth will enhance those qualities in the mom for the rest of her life.  It is nothing you have to wish to happen, it simply happens.

What chi are you creating?