Your birth is NOT their business!

Pink or blue ribbons, 1001 Baby Names, & a variety of baby gear… an expectant parent’s main focus during one of the most important times in their life. They trust their medical team will always make the best decisions for their new family, which is not usually the case of care providers stuck in the liability labyrinth of today’s medical society. “We’ll take care of you” seems to be the motto of practices handing out when you’re expecting manuals of routine pregnancy and birth in America.

Pregnancy and birth should not be a set of routine standards and practices. It is a different experience for each individual that will empower and change your life forever. It is a time when parents should take more control of their health decisions than picking out nursery colors and diaper bags. Hospitals and OB/GYN’s, with their business in mind, set time limits to open up beds, schedule inductions for convenience, and influence c-sections to get home for dinner, creating unnecessary obstacles for healthy pregnancies and labors. Because of increased intervention rates and lack of parent’s education, labor is inadequately portrayed as unnecessarily painful and easy to manipulate. Midwifery, an excellent choice of care, is viewed as outdated and low-income because of a technology-ridden nation trained to believe we need to fix what is normal. Parents need to take an active role in the pregnancy and birth process by becoming educated on labor and birth, making truly informed decisions, and reminding America that your birth is not their business, but your body, your mind, and your child.

Get educated, America, and learn to just labor, just birth, and just breath with confidence and control.