Birth Classes

Esali Birth Classes integrate comprehensive self-reliant birth education
with dynamic mind-body awareness through in-person and virtual environments

holistic informed-decisions for happy healthy birth


Realistic birth education as you would receive in a timeless in-person birth class, making comprehensive birth education accessible and affordable for everyone through a radical birth knowledge belongs to the community approach

Psychophysiological guidance on your body's creation to birth without any special gimmicks leading you to be at peace with your birth journey for free birthers, attended home birth, and birth center or hospital birth.

Informed decision guidance with full information for a change in birth plans or birth location, medicated birth, and cesarean birth.

Midwife and Herbalist guidance through Nutrition, Wellness, and Birth Prep in fertility, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum to help you prepare for a #HappyHealthyBirth

Taking an Esali Birth class was the best thing I ever did for our family! Not only did I become far more educated than I thought possible about birth (there was so much I would've never learned otherwise) but it opened up a door to meet so many other moms, in my area, that I can connect with.

- Christa, Esali Birth Class + Doula & Breastfeeding Support

Esali Birth Class

Live Birth Class Options

Virtual or In-Person one-on-one private mentoring + traditional group-style birth class options with full access to the online community

Walking Birth Classes, Custom Birth Classes, 3-Day seminars, 6-week & 10-week Birth Series options

Local Mid-Ohio Valley students receive access to the full lending library of books, videos, breast pumps, and babywearing carriers

Body & Baby Balancing, Nutrition & Movement Guidance, Breastfeeding Support, Herbal & Wellness Counseling

Relationship-Building, Confidence-Building, Self-Care Guidance, Relaxation, & Healing from Trauma

Complementary membership to for all clients attending three or more classes

more than crunchy, this is proactive birth

members are done being mislead by birth methods, social media, and financial barriers,
and are ready for realistic guidance to informed psychophysiological Happy Healthy Birth and all its variations