Birth Philosophy

Esali Birth Philosophy

Esali Birth's Birth Philosophy is a biological approach to education and support that encourages our community to take responsibility for their choices through awareness and confidence.  Esali Birth shares information for the childbearing years that promotes a wholesome understanding of biological birth, biological breastfeeding & parenting, and the connection these experiences have on our futures and culture.  Esali Birth supports families throughout all experiences within the childbearing period by sharing information that allows parents to be well informed of their influence through choices, options available, and human rights.  Esali Birth is not simply a "childbirth method" - but a resource for parental empowerment allowing you to take responsibility for your amazing birth.

Esali Birth's Birth Philosophy is that in the American culture, perinatal and childbirth education is vital to a positive birth experience for both the mother, child, and family.  There are many factors that affect the health and well-being of the mother and child, and responsibility is one of the most important.  Esali Birth is here to provide you with a variety of options to obtain the information you need for your best birth.

Esali Birth's Birth Philosophy is not about natural vs. medicated, home vs. hospital, nor a "childbirth method" that gives you exhausting relaxation techniques designed to tune you out of the interventions being done - but is a birth philosophy of awareness of the birth industry and biology to empower you with confidence and health enabling you to love your birth.  We want you to understand how the industry, and your biology, works so that you can make the choices that prevent unnecessary discomfort.  We want you to be confident of your birthing body, and support team, so that you can birth anywhere, any time and feel calm and prepared.  We want you to have a variety of tools to work with labor, and your baby, for the healthiest and happiest experience now and for your future.  Having a "healthy baby" is not the only goal.  We want parents to become empowered individuals ready with energy and knowledge to care for their precious baby from conception through the early years of development and beyond.

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About Esali Birth

Esali Birth provides Perinatal Education & Support.  Education surrounding the entire childbearing years from pre-conception through parenting with a strong focus on the perinatal (pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum) phases.  Esali Birth gives parents the information and resources to obtain the birth they choose with knowledge of how to positively achieve a beautiful and powerful birth experience and much more.

Pregnancy Resources

  • Training for mentors to bring Esali Birth to your community
  • Pre-Conception Classes
  • Pregnancy, Childbirth, & Postpartum (Perinatal) Classes
  • Online Classroom Available 24/7 – Across the World
  • Online Student & Mentor forums
  • Educational & Advocacy Blog
  • Breastfeeding Education & Support
  • Local, Free, Open-to-the-Public Workshops
  • Positive Perinatal & Childbirth Education & Support

Education & Support

  • Nutrition Counseling & Physical Well-being
  • Counseling & Emotional Well-being
  • Pain Prevention & Comfort Measures
  • Information & Resources
  • Biological Birth & Physiology
  • Relaxation & Labor Practice
  • Routine Interventions & Alternatives
  • Breastfeeding & Instinctive Parenting
  • Doula Support & Birth Guides
  • Medical Benefits, Risks, & Alternatives
  • Variations of Normal Birth
  • Emergency & Assisted Birth
  • Unassisted Birth
  • Postpartum & Newborn Care


Tell me your story. I'd love to help you have a happy healthy birth!

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