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Birth Support

Birth Support in the Mid-Ohio Valley is provided to the community through seasonal Birth Socials.  A birth social provides families a safe place to gather for birth story sharing - home to hospital.   Families who’ve experienced a wide range of births, and birth professionals, including midwives, educators, and doulas share love and wisdom to our community.

Birth Socials are a wonderful opportunity for those TTC and expecting to meet their birth community and learn about their options.  From differences in midwifery titles and practices, to building confidence for labor, and rare situations that may require a transportation during home birth or cesarean and VBAC support - we cover a large variety of topics.

Birth Socials are a safe place to talk about birth experiences and gain caring support.  These are wonderful social meetings to get to know the birthing community and learn about birth in a positive environment.  We alternate these socials with other workshops, and try to hold at least two-per year.

Informational and sometimes emotional. Support just the way you need it.

Need Birth Support Now?

Birth support is available through doula care and birth counseling.

Whether you're looking for closure from a current birth, or just seeking information about the options you have for home birth, VBAC, or general perinatal care - birth support is available outside of scheduled birth socials.  Loss support groups meet monthly in the Mid-Ohio Valley and Birth Socials can be scheduled any time a small group is interested in getting together.  Join in one of Esali Birth's Walking Birth Socials for chat time and movement as you get ready for birth, or contact for private mentoring.

Birth support is available via e-mail, live web chat, at my home office, or in the comfort of your own home.

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Birth Support Topics

Birth support in the Mid-Ohio Valley is offered anytime a small group is interested in gathering for story sharing and learning.  We cover a wide range of topics from home birth preparation to VBAC prevention, just for dad meetups, and the ins and outs of babywearing.  The following is a few of the topics we've covered in the past.  Have an idea?  Get in touch and let's put something together!

  • Home Birth - Is it for me?
  • Maternity Statistics in the US
  • Midwifery care
  • What is a Doula?
  • Babywearing (including woven wraps and weighted baby dolls)
  • How to have a healthy birth
  • Butterfly Birth - How do birth choices change the biology and health of the baby?
  • PTSD & Birth Trauma

Have a topic you'd like to chat about?  Let me know!

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