Birth Social

What is a Birth Social?!  Information and support for every beautiful birth; home to hospital.

It may seem a little confusing and unnecessary until you actually attend one... and then you'll see what a valuable part of your experience this will become.   Talk to a family that has attended - it can be life changing.



It's mothers, doulas, and midwives reuniting months after a birth to recap.  It's dads being an important part of the process.



It's about normalizing pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.  It's about witnessing the miracles of life and sharing in each family's wonderful blessings, making a connection to all the cultures and ancient wisdom that lies before us.  (No, we aren't providing prenatal care - we're just informally messing around with a pinard horn).



It's squishy babies showing you why it's all worth it, and just how amazing parenting can be while having others to tell you "I've been there.  It's normal.  You'll get through this, too."



It's history and resources to make your pregnancy, birth, and parenting the most amazing part of your life.



It's children being incorporated into a positive culture and making birth, breastfeeding, and parenting a normal and valuable part of growing up.



It's families sharing stories, eradicating fear, asking questions, giving advice, crying, laughing, hugging, healing, motivating, and listening.  It's you getting ready for the birth you were meant to have and sending another family off on an amazing adventure.


Have you been to a birth social?