Breastfeeding Social

Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding support is available in the mid-ohio valley and online with Esali Birth's monthly Breastfeeding Social in an informal, yet educational, mother-to-mother environment.  I have been blessed to have the opportunity to provide community outreach services involving regular, FREE, workshops since 2010 to bring you the most up to date information and quality support for your perinatal experience.  Check back often for updates and new additions.

We meet monthly (4th Saturday) at the First United Methodist Church on the corner of Juliana & 10th in Parkersburg, WV – 10am-12pm.  If you'd like to join in but you don't want to leave your living room, give us a heads-up and we'll setup our online meeting space. We have an educational focus to ensure that new moms have the information they need for a successful start to breastfeeding, and support all stages of breastfeeding, full-term breastfeeding, weaning…etc in a family-to-family relaxed environment.  This is an excellent opportunity to get used to nursing in public and allow your children to be around other nursing mothers.

Need Breastfeeding Support Now?

Breastfeeding support is available between the free monthly Breastfeeding Social meetups.

I have nursed two children for a total of 6 years and supported so many families on their breastfeeding journey.  I focus on mom learning how to position her baby and the basics of knowing when baby is getting milk.  I take a gentle approach with breastfeeding support, provide a lot of emotional guidance, and provide you with whatever resources needed to make breastfeeding work.  When helpful, I refer to outside resources, including IBCLC's, to help you enjoy this time.

Support is avialable via e-mail, live web chat, at my home office, or in the comfort of your own home.

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Breastfeeding Support Topics

Breastfeeding support in the Mid-Ohio Valley is offered monthly for the community through Esali Birth Breastfeeding Social.  We loosely follow a series format providing consecutive framework to attend 4 monthly Breastfeeding Social meetups.  This series rotates twice a year; however, please keep in mind that we focus on the questions attendees have - so come with your desire for breastfeeding support at any time!

1 – Pregnancy & the Newborn Period (January, July)
2 – Common Questions (February, August)
3 – Transitional Stages & Starting Solids (March, September)
4 – Weaning & Tandem Nursing Relationships (April, October)
Other months are miscellaneous topics.  We do not meet in December.

We always have time at each meeting for impromptu topics, random discussions, and varied questions including babywearing, birth support, and parenting.

Registration is not necessary, attending is always free, and no membership is required.  We encourage TTC, expectant, currently nursing, and previously nursing mothers to attend, along with support such as your husband, friend, or a family member.  The more your breastfeeding support team knows, the more help you will have postpartum and during the length of your nursing relationship.

Children are welcome; however, we do not offer child care so please be conscientious of your children and ensure that they respect the facility.  Be respectful of the tiny babies and newly postpartum moms attending and please do not attend with communicable illnesses.  If you're able to give me a head-up prior to the month's meetup, I can setup the live feed and you can attend online.  You may park on the street, or in the parking lot around back; however, you must use the lower 10th street entrance in the center below the stairs.

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