Fertility Awareness

Fertility can feel overwhelming in our modern culture.  We have more toxin and underlying stress loads than at any other point in history.  While there have been many cultures that have and still do experience unthinkable disparities, many families today are completely unaware that their "normal" is highly taxed and don't understand the strong influences modern life has on fertility.

Whether you're trying to conceive and just want to maximize your understanding of modern pregnancy health or you're struggling with fertility, or want a non-medical approach to baby spacing, this course is created to help you during pregnancy planning in your childbearing journey.

esali birth prep course challenge


Understand your cycle for timing conception (and preventing pregnancy) with joy

Get off birth control and discover alternatives to medications with herbal and holistic therapies that can balance hormones and reduce risks in the first trimester

Learn tests that you can use to can help you better discover your fertility profile and factors that influence conception and miscarriage

Make lifestyle changes that not only improve overall perinatal wellness, but will impact your child's health and the whole family's future