Labor and Birth Overview

Welcome to the Esali Birth "Crash Birth Course."  Here you'll find a detailed overview of the transformation of labor and birth.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • While helpful for review, this section is intended to be a part of a full perinatal education series.
  • Watch or listen to the seminar while changing positions for alignment and whole-body health.  Don't slouch on the couch or tilt your pelvis - now is a great time for stretching, skin to skin touching with your partner, and working on some basic alignment and pelvis health movements.
  • Take regular movement breaks for walking outside, being in the sunshine, walking and whole-body movement, or another activity.  Spread out the sections of the seminar over a few days for better information retention.  Allow yourself some time to develop thoughts about the information, research and enjoy the time spent listening to the seminar without feeling overloaded.
  • For more in depth information on health and wellness, labor & birth, breastfeeding & postpartum, guidance on alignment, movement and personal support, schedule private mentoring sessions or review the complete Online Birth Class.
  • Be sure to check out the Rights in Birth PodClass, too, to round out your confidence for achieving your birth wishes