Postpartum Help Cards Printables

Taking a babymoon and wanting to limit visitors and overstimulation?  Ever just wanted your friends and family to know exactly how to help you postpartum?  Are you a first time mom and not quite sure what you'll need?  Know what it feels like when those calls and visitors stop coming after 2-3 weeks?

This can be quite a tough culture for the childbearing and parenting years.  Most families would welcome the visitors if they knew just what to do.

Check out our new printable cards.  Print on card stock, flip and print again.  Repeat.

Coordinate times to visit by adding dad's (or your main support person's) phone number or e-mail so they're able to filter calls.  You'll feel much more rested if you aren't spending hours on the phone retelling your birth story and talking all about the baby to everyone who wants to get in touch.  Cut.  Then hand them out to everyone who tells you the classic "let me know if/how I can help."

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