Pregnancy Iced Herbal Tea

OK, so technically this iced herbal tea is great for anyone, anytime.  But, if you're looking for an incredibly simple blend of herbs that you can sip on in the scorching sun, this is it!

All you're mixing is equal parts of the following herbs and then using 1 Tbls of the blend per cup (double the amount if your herbs are fresh).  Boil your water, steep for 5 minutes.  Add a smidge of honey (no sugar, please) if you'd like (although its lovely unsweeted).  Chill.  Serve with a lemon wedge.  There you have muscle toning, a vitamin punch, and soothing to digestion.

Red Raspberry Leaf – The classic women's herb, though toning and nutritive for everyone! It is packed full of nutrients, which are very important for a healthy blood (and milk) supply.

Nettle – This is a very powerful nutrient boosting herb. It also helps with allergies and cleansing the blood - crucial during pregnancy to reduce risks of common complications like eclampsia and similar conditions. It is an excellent natural source of calcium, iron, and many other dish-approved nutrients.  Additionally, nettles have natural antihistamine abilities making this a great alternative, when used regularly and over time, to OTC allergy medications.

Mint - There are many mints to choose from.  I usually use a handful of whatever is growing in my backyard.  Spearmint has a smooth flavor, but you may like the punch of a peppermint - especially if you're in your first trimester and need a little nausea settling.  While mint in excess is not great during pregnancy, a little mint goes a long way and you can enjoy this as a nice summer drink.  It is great for nausea, tension headaches, hot flashes and sweats, and other conditions related to blood flow and nutrients.

Honey - Great for antibacterial needs but when its local and raw, and used regularly, over time it will help protect against seasonal allergies of your area and avoid more medications in pregnancy.

Lemon - The high vitamin c in lemons helps to ease nausea, and all its wonderful properties (including the peel) help to stimulate digestion and cleanse the liver further reducing risks of blood and digestion-related complications of pregnancy and postpartum.


Herbal Iced Tea

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